Monday, October 14, 2013

In Which Lex turns 4 and has an Octonauts Birthday!

Lex's birthday was this Sunday, and he wanted to have his party on his actual birthday.  Fortunately it was a weekend, so we were able to.

He also wanted an Octonauts-themed party, which was a little tricky because that isn't a theme that you can buy at the party store in the United States.  But we made it work.

Here is Lex's *Official 4th Birthday Picture.*


I ordered a customized iron on from the internets and made him this shirt.  I am impressed with how well it turned out, but I'm not sure how long it is going to hold up.

And here is his cake.  I made it for him.


In the Octonauts show, Tunip is always baking fish biscuits and all the sea animals love them.  We used Goldfish crackers, and all the kids loved those.


I did find some Octonauts party supplies online, and I had them shipped from the UK. 


Connor picked out a birthday present just for Lex.  He told me that he knew exactly what he would love for his birthday.  It turned out that he was right.

It was a blue dog Flashlight Friend.

We picked out a fish pinata to go along with the Octonauts theme.



All the kids going for the candy at the end

It must have been a good party - look at this mess!

The cake was four layers, two chocolate and two vanilla.


We also played a pin-the-patch on Kwazii game.  The older kids got spun around more than the little ones, in order to try and level the playing field.


All in all, I think Lex had a really fun time at his birthday party.

Happy 4th Birthday, Lex!!  We love you!!

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