Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pokemon City Championships

Connor and Lex have been taking part in different City Championships in and around Houston.

Yes, Lex is officially playing Pokemon now.

Connor had been the youngest player in our local league.  Now Lex is.  By far.

Anywho, each of the suburbs around here hosts its own City Championship.

1.  The Oak Ridge North City Championship:


Connor played in this one but Lex didn't.  Connor came in 3rd place!

He got a ton of cards as prizes, and in one of his booster packs, he found one of the most rare and valuable Pokemon cards ever.


Behold, the Golden Zekrom!  Connor is now the envy of everyone else.

2.  South Houston/Friendswood City Championship:


Connor and Lex played in this one.  This was Lex's first official Pokemon event!  And yes, they ended up battling each other.

Connor came in 3rd place again, and again in his prize booster packs he pulled a Golden Zekrom.


This is what the luckiest kid looks like.  Double envy.  When can I take him to Vegas?

3.  Spring City Championship


Look who battled each other again! 

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