Friday, January 10, 2014

Now they are going to have to learn to tie their shoes

For the first time ever, the boys picked out shoes with actual shoelaces.

No, they don't know how to tie them yet.  But they have never had to tie anything before!  Now they have a reason to learn, and honestly they look like they will learn pretty quickly.

Size 12 and 1 1/2

Connor picked out a pair of Reeboks.  Size 1 and 1/2!

Lex picked out a pair of Nikes.  Size 12.

When did their feet get so big?

I kinda wish they had picked out the same pair.  At least the same brand.  Ever since they got the new shoes, they have been arguing about which brand makes you run faster.  And running around everywhere to prove their point.

Lex is trying desperately to catch up to Connor, and he is pretty close.  But Connor still has a few years and a few inches on him.  What he doesn't have is Lex's reckless abandon and willingness to do anything to beat his big brother.

Boys.  Running.  In fast shoes.  This is my life right now.  Oh, while yelling, mostly.

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Our Blessed Journey said...

my girls still have trouble tying shoes...because they live in flip flops almost year round...but, they had incentive to learn, when we bought them rollerskates, we kind of forced them to learn if they wanted to skate....the learned right quick :D