Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pokemon XY Prerelease

This past weekend there was a special event where we could buy and play with the newest XY Pokemon cards before they go on sale to the general public.

Since Connor and Lex wanted to  maximize the number of new cards that we bought, they talked me into participating as well.

That's right, I have now played in an official Pokemon tournament.  I even have an official player ID number, just like the kids. 

Because I was participating and playing along with the kids, there are no photos of this event.  But that's all right.

In the end, we got 24 booster packs of brand new cards (which is 240 new cards!), and some of them were really great!  We all pulled the same exact EX Pokemon, so we ended up with three very strong cards that Connor and Lex used to build a new deck this week.  It's a great deck, too.  He can't wait to test it out at league tonight.

Lex and I won our very first official Pokemon games during the same round.  That's pretty special.  Connor won his game that round, too, making our family three for three during the second round.

After participating in this event, Lex has earned enough Pokemon Play Points to be eligible to travel to the Pokemon National Championship.  Connor already had enough.  Now the kids are plotting to get us to take them to Nationals.

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