Monday, February 17, 2014


Lex had a visit with his eye specialist this morning, and he can see 20/20 out of both eyes!!!

I am so happy. So so so happy.

This means that now we are going to try to wean him off the eye patch. For the next two months, he is going to patch for only one hour a day, instead of two to four hours.

Then we will go back to the eye specialist and make sure that his eyesight hasn't regressed during the weaning process, and if he is still 20/20, he will be done patching!

I'm so proud of him! He still hates the eye patches, and he still throws a huge fit every time we put one on, but after it's on, he wears it until I tell him he can take it off. It's been hard work for him, but he's doing a good job.

And it's paid off! Remember that his left eye was 20/200 with his glasses on? Now he can see!

We celebrated this afternoon with ice cream. Lex said, "Let's really get this house rocking!"

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