Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tour the Apartment

These photos were taken when we were 90% moved into our apartment in Amarillo.  It's a brand new three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, and even though it isn't large, it's got everything we need.


So that's our front door, and this is the living room.  And that's Ohio State losing to Dayton in the NCAA tournament and wrecking my bracket.


The rest of the living room.


The kitchen and the back door.  It looks like I was making macaroni and cheese for the kids.


The hallway looking from the master to the kids' side.

The kids have been setting up baskets at either end for basketball and soccer in the hallway.


There are two identical bathrooms.  Each one has a walk-in closet, so Kevin took one and I took the other.


Next up is Connor's room:



He loves having the piano and conga drums in his room.  He wakes up and plays almost every day, which I love, too.


His closet is big enough for all of his Legos and favorite board games.  And his clothes, too, but that's a secondary concern for him.

Now for Lex's bedroom:


He was in the middle of a complex Imaginext Battle Castle vs. Lego Hero Factory battle when these photos were taken.



Lex's closet is huge.  All the board games that didn't fit into Connor's closet found a home here.  Plus this big toy cubby that is holdnig a lot of their toys.  They have never had so many toys in their rooms before, but since there isn't a playroom, that's where the toys have to be.


I had to order more the of cubby bins that go into the shelf online.  The store in town only had one, and there is only one Target here.  They haven't arrived yet, but once they do it will make keeping the toys picked up easier.


Our king size bed just fit into the master bedroom, with room for our nightstands on each side.


We turned the closet under the stairs into our office and homeschool supply room.


There's a laundry
closet by the back door.

And now for reality. 

How did we move a four bedroom/four bathroom home, with a game room and clubhouse, plus two living rooms, two dining rooms and two wet bars into such a small apartment?


We didn't. 

We are going to be moving a bunch of stuff into a storage space so that we can park in the garage.  I am still looking for a few things in those boxes before we move them out.

There is a little bit of storage in the garage for bikes and other outside toys.  But we aren't using it properly yet.

I'd say we are now 95% settled in.  I like this place.  My only real complaint is the stove.  I miss my induction stove.  Going back to regular electric is painfully slow. 

And I have one other non-major complaint.  There is no pantry, so I have dedicated one of the cupboards in the kitchen for food and spices and cooking oils and that's a little tricky to get used to.  Boxes of cereal and things just don't fit well into a cupboard.  But as I said, it's no big deal.

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