Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Amarillo Sky

We have lived here for less than two months, but I have already been told that the final sunset scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed here by at least 37 people. 

The beautiful sunsets in Amarillo are a source of intense pride.

And they are beautiful.  I've seen some of the most spectacular sunsets here.

And the rainbows.  I've seen double rainbows and I've seen entire rainbows, which I had never seen anywhere else before in my life.

But I think maybe the light plays so well in the air here because it's always filled with dust, and that gives it something to play with.

And because it isn't really fair to speak of these things without showing you, here are some photos that I have taken recently:


This rainbow happened on Easter. You could see both sides of the end, but it was too wide for my camera and car window.




This sunset was the night before last.



And this is the sky right now, in the middle of a dust storm.


Lex really wanted to check out the dust.  He put on a thick protective layer.


The apartment complex finally got the screens for our windows, and they were installed yesterday throughout the entire complex.  Before I opened the blinds, I had been considering opening the windows for the first time for some fresh air.  But when I saw the dust, I decided against it.

About five minutes later, my phone and iPad sounded the emergency broadcast system warning to alert us to the dust storm.  It's not going to let up for the next TWELVE hours, and travel is discouraged due to poor visibility and dangerous winds.

We have plenty of Pepsi, milk and frozen pizzas, so I'm thinking we will just stay in.

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