Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don Harrington Discovery Center

Yesterday we went to visit the science center in Amarillo, the Don Harrington Discovery Center.


We spent the entire day there, and I didn't spend a single dollar.  There was nothing to spend money on.

We got in for free with our membership to COSI.  Everything is included in the price of admission, including the planetarium.  We saw the Secret of the Cardboard Rocket planetarium show.  It was great for kids.  Also, the parking is free.  There is no cafe, so it was a good thing we packed our own lunch, which we ate on a park bench by the river.  And the gift shop is so tiny that the boys couldn't even find anything to ask for.

We spent pretty much the entire day there, and the kids had a blast.


They loved seeing this exhibit at COSI, and they were thrilled to find it here again.


Another favorite area was the KinderStudio, where we found this infinity mirror and a climbing tower with telescopes at the top.




We stayed until we were exhausted, and I only convinced the kids to leave with promises to bring them to play there again soon.

One thing that I loved about this science center, and which I have never seen in any other center, was the dozens of comfy couches and easy chairs that were located everywhere throughout the building.  No matter where the kids were playing, there was a close place for parents to sit and relax and watch.  It really gave them the opportunity to explore an exhibit for long after I had gotten tired of standing there by it.

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