Monday, April 28, 2014

The Water Jerk

Tonight while getting ready for bed, I got Lex a fresh cup of water and handed it to him.

He proceeded to pour it down the drain.

So I took his cup.  He clearly didn't need it.

That's when he decided that he really wanted a cup of water and threw a big fit.

Yes, I could have just refilled the cup and given it back to him.  Gawd, that would have been easier.

But I want him to learn that he can't get his way by throwing a fit.

And I want him to think before acting in a wasteful and destructive manner.

So I told him that he couldn't have another cup of water until the morning.

He cried about the cup of water until almost 10:00 PM.

And I felt like a huge jerk.  Over a cup of water.

But I know I'm right.

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