Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Day in the Life of Connor and Lex

Date:  Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Connor:  Age 6


Lex:  Age 4

8:15 AM

Connor wakes up and begins building the new LEGO sets that he and his brother talked me into buying the night before, one being a LEGO Hobbit set (Connor's new favorite) and the other being a LEGO Hero Factory set (still Lex's favorite).

9:15 AM

The LEGO sets are finished, so Connor brings them into Lex's room and sets them on display.  Then he turns on the lights and finds and cleans Lex's glasses so that Lex can see the new LEGOs.  Lex is not ready to get out of bed yet, but Connor is tired of playing by himself, so he keeps bothering him until he gets up.

9:30 AM

Both boys are awake, and they want me to print off some instructions from the LEGO website for the combination of two LEGO Hero Factory sets into a third, larger creation.  Printing commences.  40 pages later, a new building project begins.

10:00 AM

Breakfast break - scrambled eggs with salt and pepper and Penzey's BBQ 3001 seasoning.  The boys used to eat BBQ 3000 on their eggs, but then a new seasoning was discovered.  One side of the table is covered with all the LEGOs I shoved out of the way to make room for their plates.  They eat quickly and get right back to playing.

10:30 AM

The new LEGO is complete!

10:31 AM

The daily fight with Lex to put on his eye patch comes to blows, but in the end, I win.  As per usual.  He then returns to LEGOs.


11:00 AM

Connor does a science lesson on the laptop.  Today we learned about magnets.  He is surprised to find out that not all metals are magnetic.

11:20 AM

More LEGOs.  No surprises there.


12:00 PM

Connor uses the laptop to complete his reading, grammar and math lessons for the day.  Lex uses the iPad to complete his ABC Mouse learning path for the day.  Today he learned all about the letter "R."

12:30 PM

Time to watch a new episode of Pokemon XY and have lunch.  The boys each had a full serving of chicken nuggets.  That's 7 each.  Lex also ate a small apple.  Then Pokemon ended, but they weren't full yet, so we ended up watching an episode of Paw Patrol.  And they each ate two cookie butter sandwiches.  I used to think that was enough food for three separate lunches.  No longer.  They probably would have eaten more, but we ran out of bread and milk.  And Paw Patrol ended, so I turned off the tv.


1:15 PM

Lunch is over.  Time for the kids to get dressed.  Yes, they have been in their pajamas all morning.

1:25 PM

Connor finishes his homework in this music theory workbook.

1:45 PM

We leave for Connor's piano lesson.

2:00 PM

Connor has his piano lesson.  Lex and I stay in the car and work on his music theory workbook.  Then we do his Hooked on Phonics lessons on the iPad.

2:30 PM

Connor returns from his piano lesson, and we head to the bowling alley.

2:45 PM

Arrive at the bowling alley and find a quiet corner with a table to finish all of Connor's workbooks for the day.  Lex colors.  You'd be surprised how quiet a bowling alley is at 2:45 on weekday.  It's actually an ideal location for homeschool workbook time, because there aren't any LEGOs to distract them.

3:00 PM

Order milk from the bar.  Rent shoes.  I signed the boys up with our local bowling alley at, and now they get two free games of bowling every weekday until the end of summer.

3:30 PM

The bowling begins.  Connor wins both games, but the highlight is that Connor gets a strike in the tenth frame and gets to throw a third ball for the first time ever.


Then at the end of the second game, Lex throws a strike in the tenth frame and gets to throw his first third ball.


4:30 PM

We go over to the sporting goods store where we bought a set of flag football flags the day before.  We needed to return the said flags because they were sewn onto the belts.  In Connor's league, the flags are attached to the belts with velcro, and the play is over when someone pulls your flag off.  This is so much safer than tackle football, and I wanted a set so that the kids could practice flag pulling at home.  The set I bought was for a different type of flag football apparently, so it had to be returned.

4:45 PM

Time to go to the grocery store.  Our store has little carts for the kids, so each of us push a cart around the store.  The kids have gotten pretty good at picking out their own food.  They know their limit is one treat, so they picked out a platter of cookies from the bakery. 


5:30 PM

We get home, and the kids run directly outside to play with the neighbor kids.  Today they played soccer.

6:15 PM

All the kids end up inside our house to play with LEGOs.  What else?

6:30 PM

Connor and Lex and their friend Miles eat pizza and chips and cookies for dinner.

6:45 PM

They are all back outside.

6:55 PM

It has actually started raining.  In Amarillo.  Rain.  So they come back inside with their friends and now it's time for board games.  They played Monster 4 (which is a LEGO board game), Guillotine and the Scooby-Doo Haunted House game.

7:55 PM

All the friends have to go home because it's a school night.  Connor and Lex continue with the board games.

8:05 PM

The Scooby-Doo game ends, and Connor asks if it's time for us to get ready for bed and books.  He's really into this book about ninjas that Kevin bought for him the other day.


Honestly, I hate this book.  It's so inappropriate, and stupid, and SO INAPPROPRIATE, but the boys love love it.  They love ninjas and they love stupid humor.  I will admit that I have skipped over most of the most inappropriate content and most of the swearing, but I'm trying not to let them know that I am censoring it.  Which means that Lex has to sit closest to me while I'm reading it, because Connor could read this whole thing by himself if he wanted to.

Then, we read a few books on the iPad using an app called Epic.  This app is wonderful.  It's like Netflix, but for books.  For $9.99 a month, the boys get endless access to all the kids ebooks that they want.

8:50 PM

Lights out.

9:00 PM

They are both in dreamland.  In my bed.  I'll move them later when I want to go to sleep.

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