Monday, May 19, 2014

Soccer. Soccer. Flag Football. Soccer. Soccer.

Well, I knew when I signed the kids up for their next season of sporting that it would eventually begin.  And begin it did, first with the practices and then with the games.  Then more practices and more games.  A lot of them.

Lex is playing soccer.  I took my camera to practice last week.



This weekend there were so many games.  First was Lex's first outdoor soccer game of the season.


It was pretty early in the morning, so it was kinda chilly.  The weather here swings about 40 degrees between darkness and daylight.  It's so weird.



Lex's team played really well.  Just about every kid on the team scored at least one goal.  Lex was responsible for at least one.  I knew how many he scored right after the game, but since then there have been so many other games, I've lost track.  Yes, it was only the day before yesterday.


On Saturday, Connor had a soccer game and a flag football game at the exact same time.  He had to choose which one he wanted to play, and he kept going back and forth about it.  Eventually, he decided that he wanted to play soccer.  He had a good game, and I know he scored at least one goal, too.





And so ended our Saturday sporting events.  Stay tuned, we had three more games on Sunday!

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