Monday, July 7, 2014

Pokemon National Championship

This past long holiday weekend was the Pokemon National Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana.

So, on Thursday afternoon, we headed to the airport.

Waiting for the plane.


On our way!

We made it to our hotel sometime between 11 PM and Midnight.

We had to be over at the convention center for check-in the next morning at 7 AM.  Fortunately it was right across the street.


This is approximately a quarter of the tournament.  It was much too large to get all in one photo.


Connor and Lex both play in the Junior division for the Trading Card Game.

There is also a Senior and Master division for the card game, and then Junior, Senior and Master divisions for the Video Game.  So there were a ton of people there.

There were also a bunch of Pokemon.

Froakie, Lex, Fennekin, Connor and Chespin


On the first day of the tournament, the boys played five matches each.  Every match was the best two out of three games verses their opponent.  Each match takes about an hour to play.


You play with the same deck of cards that you build yourself for the whole tournament.

Lex and Pikachu!

Connor and Pikachu!

After playing those five matches, the little kids were definitely tired.  Fortunately it was still early enough for them to get a late lunch, rest, play in the hotel pool, and then go to the Indianapolis fireworks show.  It was the 4th of July after all.

But staying out late again made the next morning rough.  We had to be back for their final three matches on the second day at 7:45 AM.

We stopped at the Starbucks in our hotel lobby.  Connor got the morning bun, which is his favorite Starbucks breakfast treat.  Unfortunately, we really can only get it in the Midwest.  Which is a shame. 


On the second day, Connor played all three matches.  Lex had a random bye for the first match, and then his opponent didn't show up for the second match.  Which was good for him, because he got two automatic wins, and he wasn't really awake enough to play yet.


This is the special Nationals Promo Card that all the participants received.

This is Connor and Lex with their Promo Cards.

Lex met Chespin again during his break from playing.

And he played a round of the Online Trading Card Game.

I think that both Connor and Lex had a great time playing in the National Championship, and it was a great end to their first season of playing Pokemon.  We saw some of their friends from Houston that were involved with their Pokemon League there, so that was nice, too.  And Nana and Grandpa and Grandma Ella and Papa Kirk and Uncle Kevin and Uncle Kris and Lauren all came to cheer them on, so we got to spend the weekend and holiday with our family, too, which was awesome!

Feel free to skip this next part if you aren't interested, but I want to post the cards that they used in the decks that they built and played with at Nationals.

Lex's 2014 National Championship Deck

Charmander x 4
Charmeleon x 3
Charizard x 2
Rayquaza EX x 3
Moltres x 3
Reshiram x 2
Pikachu x 2
Raichu x 1
Energy Retrieval x 3
Tierno x 3
Rare Candy x 1
Potion x 2
Professor's Letter x 3
Poke Ball x 3
Fire Energy x 12
Lightning Energy x 11
Double Colorless Energy x 2

Connor's 2014 National Championship Deck

Darkrai EX x 4
Absol x 2
Charizard EX x 2
Yveltal EX x 2
Yveltal x 1
Energy Search x 1
Compute Search ACE SPEC x 1
Protection Cube x 1
Tool Scrapper x 2
Dark Claw x 2
Dark Patch x 4
Pokemon Catcher x 3
Ultra Ball x 2
Escape Rope x 2
N x 3
Virbank City Gym x 1
Hypnotoxic Laser x 2
Professor Juniper x 2
Enhanced Hammer x 2
Darkness Energy x 11
Fire Energy x 7
Double Colorless Energy x 3

I know that both of them are planning to change their decks and build new ones, because we got them new cards from the vendors at the Championship.  Also, there are going to be another new set of cards coming out later this summer.  Always there are new cards.

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