Monday, August 25, 2014

In which Lex goes to the ophthalmologist for a check up

Busy as bees in the waiting room.

Sidebar:  Connor loves to scribble.  He will scribble and scribble until he wears a hole in the paper.  I bought a travel Spirograph for him, and he loves it, and it makes prettier scribbles.  I loved my Spirograph when I was a kid, and this travel one has been living in my purse and used often lately.  It uses a post-it note for the paper, and it was the best $7 I've spent recently.

Report:  The doctor is very pleased with Lex's new glasses, but he is still only seeing about 20/30 out of them, so we are going to increase the amount of time that he wears his eye patch to four hours every day, in hopes that he can achieve and maintain 20/20 vision between now and when the pathways between his eyes and brain are set for life, which should happen sometime between 7 and 9 years of age.  He is still only four years old, so things are still good.

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