Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!

On Friday afternoon, Connor and Lex were playing some ninja-jumping-on-the-bed-while-battling-dragons game, or something, and Lex hit Connor in the mouth.  Hard.

Connor's two front teeth had been very loose, and one had kind of shifted into a wonky position in front of the other.  After Lex hit his mouth, it shifted in a totally different direction, and it was sitting behind the tooth it used to be in front of.  It was even more wonky, and hanging much lower than his other teeth. 

Connor refused to talk or eat or drink, and he sat with his jaw clenched in a really funny way.

So I called the dentist, but the office was closed.  Small town Friday afternoons, you know?

Someone suggested that I try to apply some Orajel and pull it out.  Connor was very brave and let me try it, but that tooth wouldn't budge.

The dentist finally called me back so late on Friday that we had already put the boys to bed, and he offered to see Connor in the office in the morning.

So first thing Saturday morning, I took Connor to the dentist and he opened the office up just for him.

And the dentist pulled Connor's tooth.

It took about 30 minutes, and 25 minutes of that time was spent applying different anesthetics because Connor kept saying "ow" when the dentist would wiggle his tooth.

The kid made another $10 off the tooth fairy.

This is how he posed when I asked him to show me his teeth for a photo.

He's currently missing two teeth, and he has two more that are about ready to come out.  Someone remind the tooth fairy to carry small bills more often.

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