Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In which Lex starts his professional football career

Lex wants to buy his own Minecraft subscription for the PC.  He already plays the Pocket Edition on the iPad, but since Connor used some of his tooth fairy money for a PC subscription login, now Lex wants one too.

It costs about $30, which is more than he has.


Why is his wallet empty?  Because he spent all of his money on Minecraft blocks and figures at Toys R Us.

I asked him how he thought he could make some money around the house.  He offered to wash the dishes, but unfortunately, I had already finished that.

So, he decided to play catch with Daddy, and that Daddy would pay him $1 for every catch he made.

We agreed, mostly because it was funny.

He made $6 before they had to come back inside because of mosquitoes.

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