Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Math Apps

I wanted to tell you guys about the apps that we are currently using most for math in our house.

Get ready, because they are awesome.

The first one is Dragon Box Algebra 5+.

This one is a game that secretly teaches kids (ages 5 and up, but Lex is only 4 and he had no trouble with it at all) the basic rules of solving algebraic equations.  Not only is it educational, but it is super fun and highly addictive.  The kids played and played and played and beat all the many levels.  And now they understand how to manipulate algebraic equations intuitively.  But they keep going back to it and doing it again.

The next one is Dragon Box Algebra 12+.

I know that this one is geared towards middle school and high school students (ages 12 and up), but since the kids finished the first app, I went ahead and bought the second one.  Lex plays this one, but needs a little bit more help.  Connor isn't having any trouble with it at all.

It's a lot like the first app, and it is just as fun and addictive, but it looks a little bit more like real math.  And it's more challenging, which I think Connor actually enjoys.  He still thinks of it as a puzzle game, because it is.  All of math kind of is a puzzle game, actually.

Next up is Llama Drama, which teaches multiplication facts through visual arrays that the kids can build and manipulate.  And the llamas are funny and cute.  Llamas always make me laugh.  This is another one that feels like a puzzle game, and the kids can't put it down.

I love using apps in our homeschool.  There are so many apps that are well made, and they can really make learning things fun. 

Do you have any good suggestions for game-based or graphically-beautiful learning apps?  What are your kids playing?

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