Thursday, July 30, 2015

In which Tik is a Hero

So, the puppy ate a tarantula today.

Inside the house.

He was inside the house, sitting on the couch with the boys all morning.  And then he took something over to his bed and started munching on it.  Once he was done with it, I saw it for what it was.

What it was was a big hairy spider.

He had ripped most of the legs off of it, and they weren't just little spider legs.  They were big, meaty, hairy, jointed legs.  Big things, like chicken legs.

And I had to clean them up out of his bed, one at at time.

And what was left of the spider.  It was black and gray and hairy.

It was great that he caught it and killed it.  Connor was worried that Tik was going to die, but I assured him that most tarantulas aren't poisonous.  Also, Tik didn't really eat it so much as chew it to death.  So we gave him some pepperoni as a treat, and he did eat that.

Then Connor got out a flashlight and looked all over the couch and under the couch and all over the house to make sure that there weren't anymore spiders before he sat down to play again.

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