Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tell-Tale Signs of Little Boys

You might have little boys if your kitchen table usually looks something like this:


What do we have here?  I'm so glad you asked.

1.  A model volcano being built out of papier mache.  Connor finished it after I took this photo.  You can see the finished product here, in case you missed it.

2.  A Minecraft Lego set.  Only bag one of The Mine had been completed when this photo was taken.

3.  Lucario and Charizard, two Pokemon who were having an epic battle all over the house before taking a rest on the table.

Some day they will outgrow all this stuff.  I wonder what sorts of things they will leave on the kitchen table when they are older?

This photo is a few days old now, and as I type this, there is a tiny guitar (okay, fine, it's actually a soprano ukulele) and that same Lucario keeping me company on the table.

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