Friday, July 3, 2015

The Summer of the Frogs

It's frog season again down here, y'all.

I remember the frogs from last summer.  When the boys were catching them and then chasing girls with the frogs in their outstretched hands.  It struck me as funny because it was just what you would expect a little boy to do with a frog.

This summer, there is someone else who is interested in playing with the frogs.

That's right.  The dog likes the frogs.  And he makes me take him out every night after dark so he can chase them.  He doesn't really need to go out, but he so wants to, and he makes a racket every night until he gets his fix of chasing frogs.  They are so thick out there in the dark that you can hardly walk around without stepping on them!

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Our Blessed Journey said...

so cute! some toads a very toxic to dogs. Piper's a big time lizard and frog/toad hunter, and I have to watch him carefully.