Thursday, August 20, 2015

Science City at Union Station

So this one time, the kids and I spent an afternoon at Science City.  We used our COSI membership to get in, and we had a ton of fun!


Connor always loves these magnetic gear walls at science centers.


And they always like to try out the chairs with the pulleys that you use to lift yourself off the ground.

Lex wanted me to take a video of all of the experiments he did with these ball ramps.

This augmented reality sand box was amazing!  It was the first one of these that we have ever seen, and it was super fun to play with.  We stayed here at this sand table for probably a good half-hour.  It was made using an Xbox Kinect, and the real time topography was mesmerizing.  I would love to see these at more science centers.  In fact, I kind of want to build one myself!


Since Science City is inside Union Station, they have a huge room dedicated to train exhibits.  I would have been disappointed if that wasn't the case.


There was a full-sized BNSF train engine for the kids to play in!


We played here for at least a half-hour, and probably longer.


Time flies when you are having fun playing trains!


I said, "Stand in front of the train so I can take your picture."  He decides to pretend that he is getting run over.  Classic Lex.


There was a great water table play area in another part of the museum.


I think their favorite part of Science City was the Mr. E Hotel, which was full of all sorts of optical illusions.


Where did Lex's legs go?


And now Connor!

I need to get some M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali art prints to hang up at home, because the boys thought that they were fascinating.  Because they are.


Lex was trying to power up a light bulb by pedaling this bike as fast as he could.

And then they tried to create power on this giant hamster wheel.

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