Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

This summer I took the kids to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Zilker Park in Austin for a little bit of culture, whether they liked it or not.  It's basically an outdoor art museum, so I figured that it wouldn't be too stuffy and quiet.  The boys don't usually have fun at regular art museums, because all the old people that work in them are always giving them the evil eye.  Or so they tell me.


There was a small indoor art gallery, but we only spent about five minutes in there.  We basically walked around it quickly and took a glance at everything, and then we went outside.


All the sculptures there were done by Charles Umlauf, and they are wonderful.


This location was his home and studio, and sometimes when he was done with sculptures, he would move them into his yard.  His wife would then plant flowers around them.


Eventually, people started to notice, and would come visit his private gardens.


Eventually, his family donated the entire location, studio and home and gardens, to the city of Austin, and now it's a beautiful public park.


This one is called The Kiss.  


Connor and Lex enjoyed pretending to be sculputres.


My favorite sculpture, Icarus.

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