Monday, October 5, 2015

In which Lex finds the remote

So, the remote that operates our Blu-Ray player disappeared and this was bad news.

Naturally, I started cleaning to find it.

I cleaned the entire living room.  I vacuumed the entire couch.  I moved all the furniture around and cleaned under everything and then put it all back.  I disassembled the entire entertainment unit.  It wasn't in the living room.  So then I cleaned the kitchen, checked in the refrigerator and in the laundry.  I cleaned both bathrooms and went through all the closets.  I cleaned and checked my whole room.  I looked around both of the boys' rooms.

That remote was no where to be found.

Until Lex found it.  INSIDE THE PRINTER.  Heaven only knows how or why.


So, Lex gets credit for finding the missing remote.  It was gone for almost a week, which was definitely long enough to make us all crazy.

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