Monday, October 26, 2015

In which Lex gets a haircut

When both Connor and Lex had long hair, everyone thought they were twins.  And while a few people mistook them for girls, most figured out that they were boys.  Obviously, Connor and Lex didn't like being called girls.  And Connor, in particular, didn't like being called twins.

So, Connor was happy when he got his haircut and no one thought he was a girl or Lex's twin anymore.

But a strange thing happened.  The number of people who assumed that Lex was a girl after Connor got his hair cut increased exponentially.  His long hair became a source of frustration for him, as people called him a girl several times a day.  So, he decided to get a hair cut, at a place where he could play video games while it was being done.


Lex actually laughed at the salon girl when she asked him if he knew how to use a mouse.  Obviously.  It's  a mouse.  You need one for Minecraft.

Lex looks great.  More importantly, he thinks he looks great.


He was especially proud of his clothes this day because everything was Star Wars.  He was wearing a Lego Star Wars t-shirt, Angry Birds Star Wars pajama shorts, and some Star Wars socks.  He was rocking it.

Since he got his hair cut, no one has mistaken my boys for girls.  But we are back to the twins thing again.  All day long we hear, "Are they twins?"

"They look so much alike!"

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