Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's OP

The kids are always talking about how OP this or that thing is.

That sword is OP!  This app is OP.

Look at that Nerf gun!  It's seriously OP!

For the uninitiated, OP means Over Powered.

There are many things that are OP, and being OP is important around here.  OP is serious business.

Sometimes they talk about the quality of something being OP.  You know, its OP-ness.  And when you talk about something's OP-ness, you have the hilarious coincidence of it sounding like you are saying "oh penis."

I am the mother of little boys.  This is apparently really funny.

So, the other day, while we were driving in the car, we passed by a nail salon.  It was called OP Nails.

Kevin pointed it out to the kids, and then I asked if I should go get my nails done so that they were OP.  If I should get some OP-ness put on my nails.

Kevin said it was the funniest thing I've ever said.

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