Monday, December 14, 2015

Rittenhouse Square Park

We ate dinner at Rouge, because it was said that they had the best burgers in Philadelphia, and we know all know that my kids love burgers.  However, they didn't like these burgers.

The restaurant was very fancy, and the entire front was made of windows over looking Rittenhouse Square Park.  We sat right next to the open windows so that we could watch everyone going by.

We ordered a fancy cheese plate for the kids, and they did like that.

But their burgers were too gourmet for their liking.  They were huge, and round, like a meatball.  They were delicious, and I really can't fault Rouge.  Sometimes kids just like what they like.  Because picky eaters.

Anyways, after spending a small fortune on cheese and burgers that no one ate, we went over to Rittenhouse Square Park, which was lovely.


And there was a lion.  So Lex stuck his head in its mouth.  
Because Lion.


The end.

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