Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cows. Because Texas. And Dreamscope.

I love the internet.  Because Dreamscope.  It's a website (and an app) that helps you take your regular photos and turn them into art.  Like this cow, whom I have named Claudia:

Claudia, Au Natural

I took this photo on the side of the road some where in the middle of Texas sometime in the middle of December.  And now it's so much more:

cow 3
Claudia II 

cow 4
Claudia in the Wheat

cow 1
Trip-a-Daisy Claudia

cow 8
Clash of Claudia

cow 2
Smooth Claudia

cow 5
Ammo de Claudia

cow 6
Viva la Vivid Claudia

cow 7
Rustic Claudia

The End.

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