Monday, February 29, 2016

In Which Tik Gets a Haircut

I took Tik to the local Petsmart on Saturday morning for a bath and a trim.  We have never gotten him a traditional "Schnauzer" haircut before, because Connor really isn't a fan of that look, nevermind that Tik really is a Schnauzer.

Tik got a haircut
Tik doing the army crawl.

So, I told the girl just to trim him up a little bit, all over.

Tik got a haircut
Napping with all his favorite toys.

Um, that's not exactly what happened.  And I get it.  His fur was a bit tangled because he hates the brush.  And he is a miniature Schnauzer.  But shouldn't you check the order before you groom the dog?

Tik got a haircut
Connor wants to know how long it will be before his fur grows back to normal.

I honestly laughed out loud at him when they brought him out to me.  He looks ridiculous.  And the girl who cut him was so proud of her work.  She gave me her card and suggested that I schedule him to be with her again next time.

Tik got a haircut

Um, no.  Just, no.

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