Friday, March 4, 2016

Random Thought of the Day

Did you know that we homeschool?  (Rhetorical question.  Mostly just a lead-in to this next part.)

So, since we homeschool, I joined the local homeschool group so that we could take part in group activities like parties and field day and fun field trips.  PCHEA.  The Panhandle Christian Home Educators Association. 

There is a website where members of the group can buy and sell their homeschool curriculum and supplies to one another.  Like a big online community garage sale of homeschool stuff.

It's great.  Really.  But about 20% of the posts are selling things like cargo trailers or horse trailers or tractors.  Another 5% of the posts are selling baby goats or chicks.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I literally* cannot think of any way to incorporate a horse trailer into my homeschool plan.  I know that we live in a rural part of Texas.  But I'm really more of an urban homeschool gal.  

*Literally.  This is literally Lex's favorite word.  He literally uses it 78 times a day.  Literally.  And I literally love it.

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