Monday, May 16, 2016

Houston in May. It's a thing now.

Last week we packed the car up and drove down to our house in Houston for our annual Houston fix.


Tik was pleased to join us.


The kids were pleased because we bought them some new games for their Nintendos for the long car ride.


They don't normally get to play with their Nintendos at home.  We keep them hidden away most of the time so that they have something new and exciting for long trips.  And also because it is one less electronic device for them to obsess over on a daily basis.


I think they have grown a lot since the last time I took a photo of them in this spot.


While we were there, the bicycle portion of the Ironman race came right by our house.  We were around the 40 mile mark, which is after the swimming, and about halfway through the biking, before the full marathon.  You can add the Ironman to the list of things I will never be doing.  But it was nice to watch the bikes race by for a bit.


It was nice to play in the backyard, and to see trees.  There aren't any in Amarillo.


And the trees in Houston aren't just trees.  I mean, they are TREES.  Taller than the houses by far.


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