Wednesday, May 4, 2016

In which the end is in sight (pun very intentional)

Lex wants to have a huge party when the doctor says that he can stop wearing his eye patch.  He is planning to invite everyone he knows, and honestly, Kevin and I are totally on board.  We will throw him such a party!  The biggest party ever.  He has really earned it.  Wearing his eye patch has never gotten easier for him, and he has been doing it every. single. day. for most of his life.  He is currently wearing it for four hours a day.  It's like a bad part time job that he doesn't get paid for.

But.  But.  But.

It's totally working.

We went to see his eye doctor today, and with his glasses on, using both eyes, he is 20/15.  20/15!  That's better than 20/20!

With his glasses, in his good eye, he is 20/20.

With his glasses, in his weak eye, he passed at 20/20, even though his missed one letter.  He read one letter C on the chart as an O.

Totally huge news!  Totally great progress!  This kid can actually see!

The eyes have it

As to his eye patch, we have an end game officially planned.  He is going to continue to wear the patch for four hours a day until he is about seven years old.  He turns seven in October, and the week before his birthday, we are scheduled for a return trip to the eye doctor.  As long as his vision is still good then, we will start the process of weaning him off the eye patch, with frequent visits to check his eye sight to make sure that it doesn't get worse at all during the weaning process.  She doesn't think it will, though, because by the time he is seven, the neurological pathway between the eyes and brain is supposed to be totally solid.

Hopefully that means he will get his epic eye patch completion party sometime later this year, or early next year, when he is seven years old!  Stay tuned.  Your invitation is in the mail, as they say.

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