Thursday, May 26, 2016

In which I teach the boys how to use a hot glue gun

So my kids don't really like arts and crafts.  They don't particularly enjoy coloring.  This upsets me, so I am always looking for ways to try to convince them that arts and crafts and coloring could be fun and amazing, which they obviously are, why can't they see that?!

So, I got this idea that if I taught them to use a hot glue gun, they might get more interested.  I mean, it's dangerous and it's a gun.  What's not to like?

And, I was right!  Basically, I let them have a low-temperature hot glue gun, so it's not quite as likely that they will burn themselves with it.  I explained to them that they could still burn themselves, and asked them to make sure that they didn't.  And they didn't.  But they did craft.

Takeout guys

And not only did they craft, they enjoyed it!


This is a little campfire that Lex helped me to make while I was explaining how the hot glue gun works.


I made this bird, too, as part of the whole glue gun demonstration.


Basically they had a whole box of assorted craft junk to pick from, and they made these guys out of take-out cartons.  Lex made a bunny and Connor made a fuzzy monster.

Also, they made me happy.  The family that crafts together...crafts together again?

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