Saturday, June 25, 2016

de Young Museum

Let's talk about the fact that my fabulous kids, who used to hate going to art museums, have grown up a little bit, and now they will let me take them to fabulous places to look at fabulous art!  It's a great new development for us, so when we were in California, we went to visit the de Young museum.


Sometimes when we are walking around, Lex gets a little bit bored of just looking at the paintings, and so he usually asks for my camera.  Then he spends his time trying to photograph the artwork.  Which is tricky.  Taking good photos of rectangular paintings, without a flash to boot, is kinda hard.  So I usually end up with 852 blurry photos of different parts of paintings.  But that's totally fine.  Here are some of the not-bad photographs we took of the art that we liked.


Still Life with Skull, Leeks and Pitcher by Pablo Picasso


Portrait of Dorothy Spreckels Munn by Salvador Dali


Enid Haldorn by Salvador Dali


Space Venus by Salvador Dali

I didn't realize that Salvador Dali did sculpture, but this one is fantastic!


Petunias by Georgia O'Keeffe


Replica of the George Washington portrait by Rembrandt Peale


Prometheus Bound by Thomas Cole


The Wild Swan by Alexander Pope

Connor said that this is his favorite painting.  The swan was incredibly vivid white in real life.  Like it was more real and bright than anything else in the museum.  He's got good taste, that one.


After we were done with the art galleries, we went up to the top of the seven-story tower that has a 360-degree view of the city of San Francisco.

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