Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cadillac Ranch

Kevin and I decided that it was finally time to go check out Cadillac Ranch.


It's a public art installation right along the freeway, just outside of Amarillo.  I've driven by it a few times, but never stopped to go check it out before.


Connor and Lex had actually gone to see it in person with Grandma Ella and Papa Kirk, but they hadn't had a chance to spray paint the cars.  In fact, it turns out that Grandma Ella and Papa Kirk may have led them to believe that using spray paint would kill them...


So there are ten Cadillac cars from different years buried in the ground nose first, at the same slope as the angles of the pyramids at Giza.  It was designed by an art collective known as Ant Farm.  And you are totally welcome to come participate in the art installation by spray painting whatever you wish onto the cars.


They layers of paint on these cars is unbelievable.  They are more paint than car at this point.


The motivating factor in finally going out there to see (and paint) the cars was because my brother Kevin was in town for a visit, and we wanted to do something that he couldn't do anywhere else.


The whole place smells like spray paint.  You catch a whiff of it as you are walking towards the cars from the road.


Some people use knifes to cut designs into the many layers of spray paint.  We found one that said K (heart) J, so we repainted it pink and claimed it as our own.


The kids really enjoyed spray painting the cars.


Okay, fine.  So did the grown ups.  It's really fun.


Kevin painted a car with some Ohio State team spirit.


And Kevin chose to put the logo for the Deathly Hallows on the cars, in true Harry Potter spirit.


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