Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lex's Shield

When we bought Connor a new computer for his birthday, we ended up rearranging the living room and creating a new gaming center.  And let's face it, we hardly ever got to use the tv in there for the actual watching of television, since Lex uses it as a giant computer screen for his games.  So, we ended up buying a new tv for another room, and that's how we ended up with the world's largest piece of styrofoam.  It was part of the packaging.

Lex's Shield

Now, Lex took that giant piece of styrofoam and we cut it down to a shield shape in about his size.  And I learned that styrofoam factories must be very messy places.  We should have used a hot knife to cut and melt the styrofoam at the same time, or maybe even a blowtorch.  But we didn't.  We just used a regular knife (and I cut my finger, to boot) and little tiny styrofoam balls began to separate from the larger piece and run all over the kitchen.  Also, those little buggers were full of static electricity, so they wouldn't sweep up.  I ended up vacuuming them up.  For days.

But, Lex made a wonderful shield and he loves it.  And I taped up all the edges with packing tape so that no more little styrofoam pieces can escape.  So, all is well in the kingdom.

P.S.  He told me not to post this video on Facebook.  And I didn't.  But he never said anything about posting it on my blog, which is completely different.

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