Thursday, August 11, 2016

Because Bowling

So, let's talk about our favorite thing to do right now.

It's bowling.

Because of the summer kids bowl free program, we can bowl two games every day.  We just pay for the shoe rental.

Also, there is an arcade at the bowling alley with all of the boys' favorite games, including a laser maze.  And the games are half priced during happy hour, so they can play twice as much, and earn twice as many tickets.

Valuable tickets, which can be exchanged for very important things like plastic Samurai swords.


All of this is made extra fun when we can go with friends, too.

Also, there are THREE Pokestops at the bowling alley, which is a ridiculous number.  Three in one place!  Which means that while I watch the kids play, I can catch all the Pokemon and stock up on all the things I need to catch all the Pokemon.

It's the best.

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