Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Growing Boys

Growing Boys

We started keeping track of the boys' height on this chart at the beginning of the school year last year.  We measured the boys again today, one year later.

Things I noticed:

Connor isn't going to be on the chart anymore.  He's getting too tall.  He has grown just a bit over three inches in the past year.

Lex is almost as tall this September as Connor was last September.  There is only a year between them in growth, but they are 2 years and 4 months apart in age.  To put it another way, Lex is about the same size at age 6 that Connor was at age 8.  I honestly think he is trying to catch up to Connor as quickly as possible.  He has grown about 2 and a half inches in the past year.

I am glad that they are growing, because that is what they are supposed to be doing.  But sometimes, I just want to squish them back into babies so I can snuggle them again.

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