Thursday, October 6, 2016

Malarkey. Bologna. Shenanigans. B.S. (I think you can only buy one of these at the store.)


Family Selfie

We celebrated Lex's good news from the eye doctor last night with a special family game night.  We played Dominion and the kids had their first ever bologna sandwiches.  Which was their idea, not mine.

To explain:  I had said that something was malarkey the other day, and Connor asked what malarkey meant.  So I told him it meant bologna, and he asked what that tasted like, because he had never had it before.  I told him he could try it the next time we went to the grocery.  Fast forward to our shopping trip yesterday on the way home from the eye doctor.  He remembered about the bologna, so we stopped by the deli so he could get a sample.  Both the boys liked it, so I bought a half-pound, and they ate it all last night.

Three cheers for only having to wear the eye patch for an hour, and for bologna!

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