Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Decision 2016

It's Election Day!

It seemed like this day would never finally come, but it has arrived.

Decision 2016

Kevin and I took the boys and voted early on Friday afternoon.

Our county has approximately 80,000 registered voters, and it's an open county, which means that you can pick any polling place in the county to vote.  There were 4 or 5 locations open every day for two weeks for early voting, and when we went on Friday afternoon, there was no line and the whole thing was very relaxed and smooth.  I really wanted to vote early because the lines for the primary election in March were extremely long.

So, we have voted, and we are ready for the rest of the country to vote now, too.

Decision 2016

Of course, we are learning all about the Electoral College for school.

I've got a couple of these blank maps ready so that the kids can color in the states as they are called tonight.

Decision 2016

I remember having to do this assignment for homework for the 1992 election, and coloring the states blue for William Clinton, red for George Bush, and leaving the states that Ross Perot won white.  I also remember how upset my parents were about this assignment, because we lived on the east coast, and the western states weren't going to be called until after my bedtime.  I really wanted to stay up to finish coloring my map, but I don't think I did.  I think I finished coloring it before school the next morning.

But, this one assignment really made it clear to me how we elect the president, so I'm going to do it with the kids.  We shall see how many states they get to color in tonight before they go to bed.  The rest, they will have to do in the morning.  As is tradition, apparently.

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