Thursday, December 1, 2016

In which we say goodbye to the era of the eye patch

Today Lex had a visit with his ophthalmologist to check to see if his vision had decreased at all while we were weaning him off of his eye patch.  If you remember, he had only been wearing his eye patch for an hour a day since his last visit in October.

No more eye patch!

Well, he totally rocked his vision test!  He did the 20/20 lines with his glasses, one eye at a time, no problem.  He even read the 20/15 line with both eyes and his glasses.  He even read most of the 20/10 line!

So, he doesn't have to wear his eye patch any more.  No more eye patch!


He has had to wear an eye patch every single day for most of his life.  He's been doing it for four whole years, and he is only seven.  And he really doesn't remember a time before he had to wear the eye patch.  It's a whole new era around here.

He was so excited that he ran all over the doctor's office, dancing.  He did the victory lap/dance combo thing again at home, too.

So, to celebrate, we had a party.  Nana and Grandpa and Uncle Kevin got him a cake.

No more eye patch!

The cake has eyes.

No more eye patch!

If you want to eat a cake with eyes, you have to sneak up on it from behind.  I mean, obviously.

No more eye patch!

So, we are having a great time here, not wearing eye patches anymore, and being able to see clearly with our glasses.  It was a ton of hard work, and there were lots of tears, but it worked!

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