Thursday, January 19, 2017

Redstone Academy: End of the Semester

We are wrapping up the first semester of the school year this week, and we will begin the second half of the year next week.  It's almost a total non-event, since there aren't report cards or parent-teacher conferences or big final exams, but there is this blog post, so that's something.  Also, I can tell that we are at the semester mark because we are switching up curriculum.

For instance, this week we finished up our zoology textbook, and next week we are beginning our anatomy text.  Stay tuned for that.  The kids really liked this living textbook, so we are excited to do the next one.

Redstone Academy end of semester update

Connor finished Life of Fred: Liver.  The next book is Mineshaft, which is the final middle grade math book.  I have to run to the store to pick it up before Monday.

Redstone Academy end of semester update

Lex completed his math textbook, too.  He finished Life of Fred: Farming and moved on to Life of Fred: Goldfish.  Here he is, with his new book and a mouthful of whipped cream straight from the can. Because that's how you do homeschool math.

Redstone Academy end of semester update

Tomorrow we will finish our Writing and Rhetoric book for the semester.  I also need to buy the next text book in that series before Monday.  So, if you need me this weekend, I'll be at shopping at Mardel.  

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