Wednesday, February 1, 2017


On Monday evening, I took the boys to a comic book store on Route 66 for a brand new Pokemon league.  The people who work at the store had assured us that there were tons of players who had been showing up regularly every Monday night, so there would be plenty of people to play with.  The boys were excited, but I think we were lied to.  Yes, there was evidence of an official Pokemon professor, in that some guy introduced himself as such.  There was no other evidence of an actual Pokemon league, and the kids ended up playing against each other.  Which we could have done at home.  On the other hand, they were able to buy a few new cards at the shop, and I was able to play Pokemon Go.  These are things that we would not have been able to do at home.  By the way, Route 66 is something of a Pokemon Go mecca, and for that reason alone, I would be willing to take them back on another Monday evening to see if there really are other Pokemon players.

Oh, but wait, just as we were getting ready to leave, another player wandered in.  Connor challenged him to a battle, and quickly defeated him.  And so we left.

On Tuesday evening, I took the boys to the swimming pool at the student activity center at West Texas A&M University.  They love that pool.  There is a slide and a lazy river, and a whirlpool area that they refer to either as "The Whirlpool of Death" or "The Giant Toilet."  The lazy river has a very strong current, and spending time in this pool is not easy.  You can't just stand in one place.  It's more like being in the ocean, because the current is always pushing you about.  We met some friends there, and the boys were having a great time playing.  But after two hours in that heavy current, I made them get out.  And they were exhausted.  Lex fell asleep on the couch promptly after returning home.

Connor is currently 57 inches tall, and he is eagerly awaiting being tall enough to sit in the front seat of our car.  He makes me measure him daily.  We are making him wait until he is 5 feet tall, so he has another three inches to grow.  Lex keeps telling him that he would grow faster if he would eat his fruits and vegetables.  He isn't wrong.

This afternoon I took the boys to the local homeschool chess club.  There are always tons of players there.  Connor won a couple of games and Lex played with his friend Paul.

Our famous Latin saying this week is "nunc aut numquam."  It means "now or never."  Which is how this is going to end.

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