Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Underwear Day!!

Captain Underpants is having a moment at our house again.

We read all the books once before, probably when Connor was in first or second grade.  Lex has now discovered the joy of all things preshrunk and cottony, and we are having fun with Captain Underpants all over.  This time the driving force behind the desire to read the books is the new movie, which is going to be released on June 2nd.  The date is actually on my calendar.  Lex has watched the trailer 349 times already.

Happy Underwear Day!
colored by Connor

Happy Underwear Day!

Happy Underwear Day!
colored by Lex

Since the last time we read the books, a new 12th Captain Underpants novel has been released.  We got a copy of it from the library yesterday afternoon.  There was a small scuffle in the backseat of the car regarding who was going to read it first.  Then the fight was replayed again at bedtime.  They are fighting over reading books, y'all.  Nevermind the fighting, and it's actually pretty awesome.

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