Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Down with the Show!

Connor has gotten really good at organizing protests around here.

To be honest, I'm not even sure what "Down with the show!" really means, but it's his go-to protest phrase.

Remember the video I took of him protesting bedtime a month ago?

Here are some recent protests:


This one says, "We need screens, too," and refers to a time when I made them turn their video games off to get ready for bed, but I was still using my phone and Kevin was still using his computer.  They felt this was unfair, but whatever.  I do appreciate his scotch-tape and yardstick sign-making skills.  He marched all over the house before getting into bed.


These signs say, "OP graphics card in my computer soon!  Or else (and you won't like else)."

Connor hung these protest signs on Kevin's computer last night, because he wants the really good graphics card installed in his computer next.  (OP means over-powered around here.)

If that statement doesn't make sense to you, and I'm not sure that it would, here is some background:  there are three gamers in our family, and one computer engineer who is always taking apart the computers and reassembling them into different configurations.  Just a few days ago, he took his computer and Lex's computer completely apart and switched the cases and some other things around.  He left Connor's computer alone entirely, but the really great graphics card ended up in Lex's machine, and I think Connor was jealous.  It's not like the other graphics cards are terrible.  It's not like Connor hasn't had his fair turns with the GTX 1080.  (I can't believe I know that's what it is, but it is.)

I wonder what he means by "Or else."  Also, I seem to be out scotch tape.

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