Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Friendly Neighborhood Tennis Academy

One of the biggest selling points for our house was the neighborhood.  The neighborhood is so nice.  And there are so many great things within walking distance from our house.

One of those great things is a tennis academy.  And they are serious about tennis.

Connor loved the tennis lessons that he took last summer.  He loved them so much that at one point afterwards when someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said, "a tennis teacher," which was a momentary diversion from his master plan, which is to go to the Air Force Academy and play football while studying to become a lawyer and fly planes, so that after college he can play for the Seattle Seahawks and then join NASA and be an astronaut, and after he gets back from outer space become the commissioner of the NFL.  (Really, I'm not making that up.  He did.)

Anyways, he also asked to do tennis lessons again this summer, but then we moved to Texas and it was too dang H.O.T. to play tennis in the summer.  Not that it stopped everyone else at the neighborhood tennis academy.  But it did stop us.  We're from Ohio and we knew better.

Now that it is only in the 80s every day, we went and signed Connor up for tennis lessons.  Twice a week, we walk over to the tennis courts and he plays tennis for an hour with other kids his own age.  Some of the lessons have a good five or six kids in them, and other days it's just him and another boy.

Connor tennis October 2013

He is loving it!  I was worried that two days a week would be too much, but he doesn't think so.  Plus this is counting as his home school physical education right now.

Lex is still too young to do tennis lessons.  So some days we hang out on an empty court, and other days we go over to the playground.  We have even watched the swim team have their practices at the community pool that is right next to the tennis facility.  (There is some serious competition going on in that pool!)

Last time, we brought along his Lightning McQueen remote controlled car and he terrorized the common area between the tennis courts.

My favorite part?  "I'm not doing that.  I'm controlling Lightning McQueen to do it." As he bashes his car into the fence surrounding the courts over and over again.

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