Thursday, October 10, 2013

So it's football season again...

...which means that once again there are little football helmets set up all over the house.


Here we see some of this week's match-ups:


Every week, Connor rearranges the helmets to reflect which teams are going to be playing against one another.



But this year, there is an additional element of complexity involved in Connor's football (mini-helmet) analysis.


You see, we did our own little fantasy football league.  There are four teams.  Connor owns and manages one, I have one, Kevin has one, and a really good family friend agreed to be our fourth.  (Thanks, Jason!  It means the world to Connor!) 


Connor named our league after a Pokemon.  (Of course. One of his other great loves.)


Right now he is in first place in our league.  (Of course. Did you expect anything different?)


Tonight as we were looking at our fantasy line ups for the week, he was running around the house to check his helmets to help him determine whether a particular player was going to have a good game against their opponent for the week. 

It's cute.  And pretty dang effective.  The kid has the game figured out.


Our Blessed Journey said...

VERY cute....go Packers :D

Julie said...

Do you ever get to watch the Packers anymore? I've been pleased so far that we have been able to watch every Ohio State football game live on TV here in Texas.