Monday, November 25, 2013

And then we went to Galveston...

We took Grandma Ella and Papa Kirk to Galveston to see the Gulf of Mexico.

Honestly, I wanted to see it, too.  The boys and I had never seen the Gulf before.

We ate lunch at Fish Tales.  It was a fun restaurant, and it had great views of the water.  Also, there is a Blue Bell ice cream bar.  Lex pretty much only ate a chocolate milkshake for lunch, due to the fact that he was sick and had a sore throat.  No amount of coaxing on my part would get him to try the hush puppies I ordered for him.  So I ended up eating them myself.  Can't let good hush puppies go to waste.


We almost ate here, instead, but Connor had his heart set on Fish Tales.

Bronchitis on the Beach

He hit a low point here, but then we got him some more medicine, and he perked back up.  His favorite part was casting his fishing line into the ocean.  Connor also fished with his new rod that Papa Kirk bought for him, and it was very windy, so they kept getting their lines crossed.  (No, neither had hooks on them. I'm still not brave enough for that.)

Grandma Ella in the Breeze


The Pleasure Pier was closed because it was a weekday, but Connor and Lex really want to go back when they can ride the rides.  I haven't told them yet that I don't think they are tall enough for the really fun ones.  Doesn't it look like fun?

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