Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We traveled to Seattle this year for Thanksgiving to visit Kevin's brother Kyle and his family.

They are living on a farm and have a ton of great farm animals.  It was a great experience for the kids to be able to see the animals up close and be able to feed them.


See?  And the turkeys actually say "Gobble gobble."  The kids loved it.

Don't worry, we didn't eat that guy for Thanksgiving dinner.

We ate a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Samantha's aunt's house.  


Kyle and Kevin

Samantha and Baby Cedar and Kyle

Connor made himself at home by watching football on television.

Lex kept raiding the cheese from the appetizer table.

We ate dinner next to this beautiful view of the Sound.  Just as the sun set, the fog cleared away and we had a great view.

Bonus points if you can spot Connor in that picture.

And here is the Official Happy Thanksgiving 2013 from Connor and Lex Photo:


Happy Thanksgiving!

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