Friday, November 29, 2013

CenturyLink Field: Home of the Seattle Seahawks!

If you know Connor, then you probably know about his favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks.  So going to visit this stadium as a part of his project to see all of the NFL stadiums in person was something of a real treat for him.


And us, too.  It's a pretty nice stadium.


We started our tour of the stadium in the Pro Shop, which was perfect.  Connor found a new football to replace his beloved Steelers football that is falling apart.  Lex got one, too.

Then we got to go into the stadium.

Lex and Daddy


These helmets represent all the high school football programs in the State of Washington.  I always like it when a stadium has this type of display.


Daddy took turns posing with the boys in the media room.


Then we got to go out on the field.  Except that they had just repainted it, so we weren't actually allowed anywhere that there was paint.  We had to stay on the sides, but it was still great.





Connor's shirt matches the goal post.  I wonder if he knew that when he picked it out.  Maybe subconsciously?

After we were done on the field, we toured the rest of the stadium, including the press box and suites and the view from the upper deck.


Current status of Connor's NFL Stadium Project:

13 down.  19 stadiums left to go!

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