Friday, February 14, 2014

Book of the Week

This week, Connor and Lex have a new favorite book.


It's called Bad Bear Detectives: An Irving & Muktuk Story by Daniel Pinkwater.

It's about two bears who have a known love for muffins.  They have even stolen muffins in the past.  So, when a new batch of muffins goes missing, they are accused of stealing them.  Irving and Muktuk say they didn't steal them this time, and they decide to find out who really did.

It's a cute story.

This is my favorite part:

     "We will be detectives."
     "First we must steal hats," Muktuk says.
     "Hats?" Irving asks.
     "All detectives have hats," Muktuk says.  "The Zoo Director has hats.  We will take two of hers."
     "Isn't it a bad idea, when we are going to prove we did not steal something, to start out by stealing hats?" Irving asks.
     "We have no choice," Muktuk says.  "Without hats, we would be spotted as polar bears in a minute."

I'm going to look into getting the rest of the books about Irving &  Muktuk from the library now.  There is at least one more, and Connor and Lex have both asked to read it.

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