Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Lego Movie

The boys were lucky enough to see The LEGO Movie not just once, but two times this past weekend!

I took them to see it on Friday evening, the day that it opened.

I made them wait until the evening because I wanted to make sure that Kevin had a chance to see it with us, but it turned out that he wasn't able to, and the theater was super crowded.  I probably should have just taken them to see it during the day when maybe we wouldn't have had to sit in the fourth row.

Oh, and we watched it in 2D the first time.

The second time we went to see it in Dallas.  The plan was that Kevin and I were going to go see Monuments Men with Kara and Donnie, while Connor and Lex went to see The LEGO Movie with Aunt Dawn.  But at the last minute Lex threw a big fit and wanted his Mommy.  So Aunt Dawn and I traded tickets and I saw The LEGO Movie again.  This time in 3D in the very front row.

I don't recommend that anyone ever see any 3D movie from the front row.  The glasses don't work that well from that angle and things are sort of blurry the whole time.

The good news is that this theater was a dine-in theater, so I was able to get a nice dinner while the boys watched their movie the second time.

In any event, The LEGO Movie is actually pretty great.  I really enjoyed it, and laughed at it, and sang along with the song from the movie that gets stuck in your head and that the kids sing over and over and over now.

And, there has been an increase (if you can believe this) of time spent in our house building with LEGOs.  And not with instructions.  These kids are building things from their own imaginations.  The Master Builders would be proud.


This is Lex today with his Fire Blaster 5000.  It's a race car with a flame thrower.

P.S.  I just noticed that he built a flame thrower race car while wearing an eye patch with some wicked flames on it.  I'm sure that they are related events.

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